Your first visit with us


When you walk in the door to our clinic, you are standing in our reception area. There is our front desk, and some chairs. If no one is there to greet you, slip your shoes off, grab one of the clipboards with a blank health history on it, have a seat and fill it out (if you haven't downloaded it, printed it, filled it out and brought it with you - the button is above).  If you are here for massage therapy, just wait in the reception area and your massage therapist will be with you at your appointment time. 


If you are coming for acupuncture, come on into the community room (it is a straight walk in from the door) and find a seat, any recliner with a basket on the seat (the basket is for your purse and other belongings). On your way in, turn off your phone and hang your jacket up on the coat rack. Once you are seated, the acupuncturist (aka acupunk or just punk) will come over, introduce themselves to you, and read over your form. After a brief conversation, usually done in whispers as other patients are napping with their needles in (aka acu-napping), the punk will have you recline back, pull your pant legs up to your knees, your shirtsleeves up to your elbows and relax. We will put in your needles, cover you with a blanket if you like and leave you with the needles in so they can do their work. At that point, the treatment is up to you. Unless it is super-busy, we will let you stay as long as you like with the needles in. 


Generally, we will let you tell us when your treatment is done. You can tell you are done by listening to your body. If you fall asleep, you are done when you naturally wake up. If you don't fall asleep, you are done when you get restless, if a couple of the needles start bugging you, or if you have a time limit and you need to leave to make another appointment. Or if it is closing time, we won't let you sleep over-night! 


When you are done, let the punk know. We will take your needles out and explain your treatment plan if we haven't already. Once that is done, you are free to get up and move. Collect your things, don't forget your jacket hanging up on the coat rack, and you can proceed to the reception area to pay for your treatment and book your next one.

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