Enhancing your athletic performance, with Acupuncture

Father’s day is approaching and for Winnipeggers this also means the Manitoba marathon is in full swing. As runners are preparing for their big day, whether they are running the full 26 miles or 13 miles or a part of the relay, this day requires a lot of preparation, determination, training, and a healthy body and mind. Enter in acupuncture!

Acupuncture has been shown to be very beneficial for athletes of all types; for performance, recovery, and post-event body nourishment, acupuncture offers benefits for all athletic events. But how exactly can acupuncture benefit runners specifically?

Acupuncture can help accelerate healing and recovery in athletes by improving blood circulation and activating the parasympathetic nervous system, aka the ‘rest and digest’ system. With improved blood circulation, an injured area benefits greatly with an increase of blood flow to the area, especially helpful for healing tendons and ligaments. Having your parasympathetic nervous system activated allows for your body to go into healing mode, focusing on your injuries and faster recovery.

Acupuncture is also beneficial in correcting muscle imbalances. Have you ever experienced a too tight muscle after a long run? With the insertion of a needle into a motor point in the muscle, tight muscles are released, allowing for more balance and less stress in the injured area, and the benefits don’t stop here.

As an athlete it is important to maintain a healthy immune system. During periods of heavy training, your risk of catching colds and infections may increase. The good news is, acupuncture is very beneficial in helping your body fight off infections and the common cold.

Last but not least, acupuncture has been shown to greatly improve sleep. Unlike taking a pill, acupuncture will treat the root cause and reason why you’re not getting your zzz’s. Sleep is so important, especially for the big race day for you to be on top of your game!

Whether you’re running the full 26 miles, half, or are an athlete in any other sport, pop in for an acupuncture treatment. We are here to help you recover faster and achieve your peak athletic performance.

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