Beat Stress This December

December can be hard for so many reasons, I don't even want to dwell on them. To beat the stress of the season, here are a few things you can do.

  1. Keep up with your exercise program, or start one! Any exercise will do wonders for your head! I like doing short yoga sessions (15-20 minutes), Qigong sets, or walking the dogs after work and again before bed. Smelling the fresh air, getting away from screens and using your body are a great way to push your problems to the back of your brain and get them out from your focus.

  2. Walk after you eat. This helps digestion and gets you away from sitting and slouching.

  3. Get out with friends. Laughter is good medicine. Your friends are a primary group that supports you through tough times. If you are an introvert, make sure that you reach out to friends, but take some time for yourself. If you are an extrovert, get out there with a group.

  1. When you eat, make the healthiest choices available. Avoid sugar when possible (you will get it lots this season). Go easy on the carbs, they digest quickly, spike insulin which makes you hungrier sooner. Drink water, coffee or tea whenever possible to keep your hydration up. Skip meals. A little fasting with all the feasting we do this month is appropriate.

  2. Keep your screen time to a minimum. This will keep you moving or at least, keep you from sitting

  1. Schedule your time wisely. Try not to pack too much in so there is some flexibility, but keep in mind all the things you need to do to keep your head above water. And keep to that schedule. It will help you cross things off your list, which is a great feeling!

  2. Take time for yourself. Don't let your hobbies slide. Meditate or just be mindful. Keep your healthcare on track: get massage, get acupuncture, keep doing whatever you do. It will get you through!

  3. Stop every once in a while and remember to enjoy something. When eating a particularly wonderful treat, really appreciate it. When you are surrounded by people you like, take a moment to warm in their glow. Smile and enjoy.

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