Here is a short list of the most frequently asked questions.

What should I expect from a mobile treatment

  • Book by calling or texting 204-453-7100 or emailing paul@sttpca.com.  I will do my best to match our schedules so that I can get to your preferred location when we are both available. This will take into account where I am in Winnipeg before and/or after your treatment.

  • You will be emailed an intake form to be filled out online before your treatment. Alternately, I will be bringing a tablet with me so you can fill it out when I get there. 

  • I will arrive at your location 5-10 minutes ahead of schedule to set up.


Massage Therapy:

            I will bring my portable massage table to your home or office. I need about 6’x9’ of space to be able to work. It is best if there is an electrical outlet nearby, but that isn't required. I will bring sheets, towels and all the things I normally use in my treatment room. If you want an extra blanket or pillows, please provide them and have them nearby. Treatments will be the same as at the clinic, with or without oil, with or without cupping or the use of tools and with proper assessment and possibly some stretching at the end.

All treatment time is inclusive of the time it takes to take down the table, disinfect it, book your next appointment and payment processing. At the end of the treatment, I will have to leave rather promptly as I will have another patient to get to.



            Acupuncture can be done in a recliner or in a portable zero-gravity chair. I need about 6’x9’ of space to be able to work. It is best if there is an electrical outlet nearby. You can provide a blanket and pillow if you would like, for added comfort.  Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing so I may easily access your skin from the knee to your foot and from elbow to the hand.

Appointments will last 45 minutes of which about 10 minutes will be reserved for assessment, disinfection, set up and take down of equipment, payment and booking your next treatment. At the end of the treatment, I will have to leave rather promptly as I will have another patient to get to.


*Should you be unable to get in and out of a zero-gravity chair, please let me know so we can make an alternate plan, such as a using a massage chair, a normal chair that you have, or a portable treatment table.

Hey Paul, what happens if you are late for a treatment?

  • Traffic can be bad. I try my best to schedule ample time to get from one appointment to the next, but sometimes new construction pops up, or worse, the street construction limits traffic on all routes into or out of an area of the city. If I get stuck in traffic that is not moving, I may have to shorten treatment times or reschedule with late notice. If I am running late, your appointment will be shortened if I have another appointment to get to after yours. I will charge you for only the time we work together, not the full treatment time that we booked. If I am able (no appointment after) and your schedule allows it, I will extend the treatment so you get the time you asked for.

  • If there is an increase in traffic because of bad weather, I will probably be late for our appointment. So far, I have not been able to control the weather, but when it snows for the first time, or if snowplows cannot keep up to a winter storm, well, it can cause issues. I will try to get to all my appointments but may need to reschedule as a last resort.

What happens if I am running late for the appointment at my house/workplace?

  • Late means that you are unprepared to start your treatment at the appointed start time. It can be for any reason; a work call, bad traffic on the drive home from the office, finishing dinner or putting children to bed. We all run late sometimes, and it can be for many reasons. If you are late for an appointment, I will try to accommodate it the first time it happens if I am able. I usually book my people with just the drive time in between so I can maximize my work time. That means, I do have to leave promptly on time for most treatments. If you are chronically late you will be charged the full fee for the treatment as booked.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • I require 24 hour notice of cancellation.  This allows me to replace your appointment with someone on my waiting list.  If your appointment is cancelled or rescheduled under 24 hours, you will receive an invoice for the appointment fee.

  • As the epidemic has shown, we can keep each other healthier when we avoid passing colds and flu around. If you are sick, please cancel your appointment. I will not charge you for the cancellation as we often do not know when we are going to start feeling under the weather. Please know, that if I am feeling under the weather, I will also cancel, sometimes with short notice.

What is your CoVid policy?

  • There are a few policies here. The first and foremost is that I will follow all recommendations made to me by my professional association and the public health orders. I will be wearing a mask at all times in your house/workplace/space, I will be wearing an apron and safety glasses during treatments as an extra layer between us. I will be washing my hands before and after treatments, and I will disinfect my treatment table/chair, stool and equipment before and after each treatment. I will do my best to keep you safe and healthy, please do the same for me. As of this writing, you are still required to wear a mask during your treatment. There are some cases where it may be taken off, please contact me for details.

  • If you cancel short notice due to feeling unwell, you will not be charged. I have a few immunocompromised patients, think of them before ignoring symptoms.

  • If I am feeling unwell, I will cancel appointments, go get tested and quarantine until I have the results. If you have had a recent treatment with me, you will be notified.

  • I am vaccinated.

How can you pay for the treatment?

  • Extended health benefits will often cover a portion or full reimbursement of massage therapy and/or acupuncture services when provided by a Registered Professional.  I do not direct bill however, I am registered with most major providers. You will pay for your treatment and then submit your receipt for reimbursement.

  • Upon completion of your treatment payment is due. Payments can be made by cash, debit, e-transfer and Visa or Mastercard. Receipts will be sent via email, I don’t carry a printer around with me.

  • Tipping - I get asked about this often. It is not required or expected to tip on any of the healthcare services provided. If you think I went above and beyond in some way, it is best to leave me a positive review on Google or Facebook. Or just let me know. It is nice to receive a compliment. 

What treatment should you book?

  • Massage is defined as the hands-on manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for the purpose of optimizing health. Massage is appropriate for conditions where there is pain and decreased range of motion, where there is mental health challenges – such as anxiety or depression. It is also used to deal with stress, muscle tension and to give your body a rest.

    • How long of a treatment should you book? 45 minutes is good for follow up treatments where we know what we are getting into. 60 minute treatments give us the time to get to most areas of the body, while still working on whatever your main problem/reason for booking is. 90 minute treatments gives us to time to get to the biggest parts of your body. Think 45 minutes for about half  your body, the upper body (back, chest, abdomen, and neck), or the lower body (glutes/buttocks, legs and feet). In 60 minutes, we can get to most of your body, commonly, the back, glutes, legs, arms and neck) and in 90 minutes, we can get to most of your body.

    • Should I get cupping done?  I will usually add cupping when I think it is appropriate. It is usually used to provide a novel sensory experience so that we can work through a treatment plateau. It is used mainly for treating pain and restricted range of motion.

    • Should I get kinesiotaping done? Kinesiotaping is another way to provide a novel sensory experience for your body. I will use it when I feel it is appropriate for your case. It is often used for lymphatic drainage, and reinforcing range of motion adaptation.

    • What is IASTM? Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization is the use of a tool (in my case, I have several stainless steel tools) to manipulate soft tissues, usually with a scraping motion.

  • Acupuncture is the use of thin needles to bring about change in the body. Again, this is done to optimize health. Acupuncture treats a wide arrange of health problems like mental health challenges, headaches and migraines, obstetrics and gynaecological problems, body pain, arthritis and respiratory disorders, for examples.

  • How often should I book? Great question! This is something that I usually recommend when I start treating you for something. Generally, the worse the problem, the more frequent the treatment needs to be. We can do acupuncture as often as daily and massage therapy as often as 3 times per week for severe cases. More often treatment frequency is lower than that. For maintenance treatments, the frequency can be a few weeks to a month apart.

What do you need to be prepared for a treatment?

  • I need a clear space for a massage  table/zero gravity chair/massage chair. Generally, I need a space about 6’ x 9’, (2m x 3m) which is about the size of a twin bed.  

  • If you have been working/working out before the treatment, you may want a shower before your treatment, but it is not necessary.

  • Please use the washroom before your treatment. Once you lay down for a treatment, your body will go into rest mode and start processing fluids!

  • Unless you practice some sort of fasting regularly or have a medical reason to not eat, please have something light to eat sometime before your treatment. This is less important if you are getting a massage, more important for acupuncture visits. This will stop any large fluctuations in blood sugar, which should make you feel better during your treatment.

  • If you are getting acupuncture, wear loose fitting clothes that can easily expose your lower legs to the knees and your forearms to the elbows. If you are getting a massage, you will likely be undressing for it (as long as you are comfortable) so clothing is less important. It is not uncommon for people to be dressed in a bath robe before and/or after their massage when done in the comfort of your home. If we are doing treatments in your workspace, the treatment may be done with you fully clothed or undressed and draped depending on the privacy available.

  • If you want to have extra blankets or pillows around for comfort, it is up to you to provide them and have them ready for use near the treatment area.

  • Try to minimize distractions. Turn off the ringer on your phone, play some music, tell the kids not to bug you for your treatment time. This is your time, so this is really up to you.

Do you have to get completely undressed? What is draping?

  • The short answer is no, you never have to get undressed if you do not want to.

  • For acupuncture, it is rare for people to take off any items of clothing, unless it is winter and you are wearing multiple layers. Mostly, your sleeves and pant legs will just be rolled up and you will sit down/lay down to be treated.

  • If you are having a massage, then the choice is yours. If you undress, please know that your privacy and comfort will be respected, and you will be draped with a sheet. Only the area that I am working on will be exposed at any given time.

  • Draping is what we call covering you for warmth and modesty while exposing the body part (i.e, leg, arm, abdomen, etc.) we are working on for the time we are working on it. At no time will your genitals be exposed, or any other sensitive area on your body that you identify.

Will massage/acupuncture hurt?

  • There is a lot of sensation around massage therapy and acupuncture, but pain should not be one of them. During a massage treatment the pressure used will be matched to your condition. Generally the pressure used should not be heavy enough to make you wince. If you are experiencing pain or pressure that you are fighting against, please speak up! If you are fighting against the treatment, we aren’t being that effective. During acupuncture there should be no pain. Commonly, there are some short-lived sensations, a feeling of being shocked, of heaviness, the sensation of movement or a deep ache. If any of these sensations are too much for you, let me know. The offending needle can be removed.

What is community acupuncture-ish and how do I take part?

  • Community acupuncture is a delivery style of acupuncture where many patients are treated at one time in the same room for much reduced rates. As a mobile service, this is not our usual method. However, if you have multiple people in the same household and lots of chairs, we can do this too. Here is how it will work. When you book an appointment, let me know how many people will be there (so I can book an appropriate amount of time). The first person will be charged my normal rate. Every other person will be charged $25 per treatment.

  • For this to work, everyone must be ready close to the same time and there needs to be one seat/sofa/comfy spot per person. For instance, if the first person has an appointment time of 1:00, the second person must be ready at 1:10, the next at 1:20, etc. I will have a zero-gravity chair and I can also bring my massage table. Any other chairs or tables are up to you! You will be charged for the number of people that you booked as I am charging by the amount of time I am booking for you.