Chinese Herbal Medicine


The Chinese have been systemizing their usage of herbs to treat disease for thousands of years. Their materia medica lists around 4500 substances to be used on humans (some have seen discontinued use as the material was found to be toxic or the plants/animals are endangered.) 


We practice herbal medicine by using pre-prepared herbs in tablet, capsule and granule form. This allows us to spend our time with you and not in the herb room, mixing herbs. We provide herbal consultations with our acupuncture treatments when appropriate. Please let us know if you're interested in adding herbal medicine to your treatment plan. If you require custom formulation or want raw herbal medicine, we can refer you out to a practitioner who practices that form of Chinese medicine. 


Some of the issues we frequently treat using Chinese herbal medicine include insomnia, headaches, digestive problems, fatigue and hot flashes. For most chronic conditions you will likely need several courses of herbs to see lasting results.


We also carry a range of over-the-counter herbal medicines for common cold, cough, sore muscles, sprains and other injuries.