We are a Winnipeg clinic offering acupuncture, Chinese medicine and massage therapy. We are passionate about acupuncture and believe that it must be affordable to be accessible. To that end, we have embraced the community acupuncture model to bring you the lowest priced acupuncture we can. We look to make the people of our community healthier and therby make a healthier community.




Massage Therapy Opening Up Again!

We are re-opening soon, and we are looking forward to it! As we ease into business in this era, there are a bunch of things you should know. The most important; we are here for the health of our community. If and when things change, we will adapt our procedures, our hours, and our business.

Our clinic will be embracing a new normal, it will look and feel a bit different. Our RMTs are going to be starting before the acupuncturists. 

  • We will be wearing masks and we would love it if you do to! While there is no guideline that clients need to wear masks, we will ask you to don one when you are lying on your back on the treatment table. You can also choose to wear one the whole time. Please bring a mask with you. If you need a disposable mask from us, we will provide one at a minimal charge. 

  • In our appointment reminder emails, there is a link to the MB Gov’t self-screening questionnaire, please take it before you come. If you have symptoms, please reschedule your appointment. You MUST be re-screened before entering the building as well, so please wait in your car or outside the building and we will call you before your treatment. This will also be the time we tell you when it is safe to enter into the office. Please do not just park and walk up. And please do not congregate in the vestibule.

  • We will be observing physical distancing around our treatments, so this means that we are keeping the waiting room empty as much as possible. There will be no chairs. Because of this, we have a number of procedural changes:

    • Wait in your car until you receive a call and are screened and then asked to come in.

    • Wear your shoes and coats into the treatment room.

    • Wait in the treatment room after your treatment, and we will come get you when the reception room is empty.

    • Please come to your treatments alone, understanding that no one can wait in our waiting room.

    • Bring your own water to the clinic as we are removing the self-serve water.  

    • We will try and stagger when people arrive so we may bump your appointment (when you book it and we notice) 15 minutes ahead or behind to accommodate physical distancing in our small reception space. 

    • Please do not come very early to your appointment, and do not plan to stay inside to wait for a ride/bus inside the clinic after your treatment. We will be increasing our sanitization process between each client so we need time for that. 

  • It is mandatory to use the hand sanitizer when you come in the door. 

  • There will be a new waiver to sign on your first visit back to the clinic. If you wish to have it ahead of time, please email us and ask for it. 

  • We also will be taking more time between appointments, to increase the disinfection process. We will be using less heat packs, table warmers, and the like as they all are problematic in reprocessing between treatments. 


Thankfully we have already been doing a lot of the right things. 

Our next task is to figure out the acupuncture procedures. Please stay tuned!

Paul, Martin, Dan, Jim and Kathy

Straight to the Point Community Acupuncture and Symmetry Massage Therapy

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January 12, 2019

This article is about the treatment of anxiety, asthma and abdominal pain and discomfort with acupuncture, Chinese medicine and/or massage therapy.

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